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"Inspire: Rooted in Love" Women's Conference 2023

I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit.
- Ephesians 3:16 (NLT)

When we think about being "rooted in love," what comes to mind? How can we grow lives deeply rooted in God's love, hope, and grace? It begins with Jesus and not allowing the troubles of life to overtake our heart and mind! But that is not easy ... these past months and years have taught us that we cannot control what life brings - what we can do is choose how to respond.

We invite you to join us Saturday, April 15, 2023 to "Inspire: Rooted in Love!" It will be a time to reset our present lives, renew our faith, remind us of God's love and re-energize us for our future. Together, we will worship, laugh, hear inspirational stores, and even participate in a mission project with New Life Mission all the while having a lot of fun!

Get ready to be inspired, rooted in love! We hope you will join us and invite a friend. Inspiration is just around the corner ... don't miss it!

Kimberly Reisman 
Keynote Speaker

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Reisman is an author, pastor, teacher, and theologian, focusing her work in the areas of evangelism, spiritual formation, leadership development, and the intersection between faith and culture. She received a BA from Emory University, an MDiv from Yale Divinity School, and a PhD from Durham University. She is a frequent speaker and has written numerous books, most recently, Embrace: Showing and Sharing the Love of Jesus (2019)

Peyton Derrick
Worship Leader

Peyton Derrick is a musician, writer, and teacher from Melbourne, FL. Peyton currently works as a 4th grade teacher and has worked as a youth worship leader. First Church Melbourne is the first place Peyton led worship and is excited to lead at Inspire!

Dionne Hammond

Rev. Dionne Hammond will serve as our Women's Conference host. She is the District Superintendent of the Atlantic Central District of the Florida Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. 

Breakout Sessions

1. Inspire: Creating Note Cards with Love! - Led by: Peggy McBee
          In this session, we will make a few easy notecards that you can send to friends in need of some cheering up.
          These can be created for your pastor to use! Please bring sharp craft scissors and a glue stick or adhesive. 
2. Inspire: Gentle Yoga Class - Led by: The Yoga Garden
          This class is ideal for anyone wanting to work on stress-release, flexibility, and balance in a way that is
          gradual and comfortable. This class is designed to help students slowly stretch tight muscles and loosen
          stiff joints. We will ease into a variety of Hatha yoga poses, breath work, and focused relaxation.
3. Inspire: Building Faith in Young Families - Led by Rebecca Mongold and Amy Miller
          "The days are long, but the years are short" is a cliché young moms know all too well. From sun up to
          sun down (and beyond), we spend our days as servant leaders of our families yet sometimes we feel we
          fall short. However, we will never fall short if we continue to set our hearts and our children's hearts on
          fire for Jesus. Join us and let's set a plan to keep Jesus in the heart of every day, even the crazy days
          with the little ones!
4. Inspire: Praying the Labyrinth - Led by: Debe Gantt and Dionne Hammond
          Join us for a powerful experience of walking a prayer labyrinth, an ancient practice dating back to 350 AD.
          With scripture in hand, the labyrinth helps us take time apart to be in the presence of God in a conscious
          way. The pathway is a metaphor for our journey in Christ, It will be a blessing! 
5. Inspire: Freedom Through Forgiveness - Led by: Dr. Tony Ferretti
          This breakout session will cover our need for both giving and receiving forgiveness to others and ourselves.
          We will discuss the benefits of forgiveness and why people find it so difficult to forgive. As Christians, we
          are commanded to forgive, and God states very clearly in his Word the need for forgiveness. Join us in
          learning more about the value of embracing the process of forgiveness. 
6. Inspire: Healing Foods ($2.00) - Led by: Christy Vergara
          We will take a look at scripture that supports God's creation of certain plants as medicine. A few of the
          most researched foods that support the body's natural healing mechanisms will be highlighted. Finally,
          as a group, we will explore hands-on how to simply prepare these foods at home in order to maximize
          their healing properties. 

9:30 AM - Registration
10:00 AM - Opening Session
11:30 AM - Breakout Session
12:30 PM - Lunch
1:15 PM - Mission Project
2:15 PM - Closing Session

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