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CURRENT SERIES- Long Story Short


The Bible can be daunting. It’s ancient, enormous, and sometimes challenging to understand.

On June 7 we begin a new sermon series based on Joshua McNall's book Long Story Short(Purchase a copy here!)

In this series we hope to trace the big story of who God is and how he is saving the world through six simple movements:

     *New Creation

This will help us not only understand how the little stories of the Bible fit together into a seamless whole, we will also be compelled to step into the drama to be part of its performance.

Looking to go deeper?

Beginning on Thursday, June 11 we will feature a Zoom Bible Study based on this series with Pastor Craig and Pastor Ryan. The Zoom call will take place at 6:30pm and will continue throughout the six week's of the sermon series.

We will be following along with Joshua McNall's book, so we encourage you to get a hold of a copy at the link above.

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